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Dear Lady L.

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Dear Lady L., By Robert JC Driessen

In his book Dear Lady L. Robert writes about his arrest for art forgery, his time behind bars as well as what has lead to his arrest.

“Are you sure you want to go to Holland mate?” he asked. Somewhat surprised by the question I asked what he meant by that. “Okay, if you feel good about it then lets go” he replied. Suddenly a feeling of nervousness passed through my mind. My friend Jenna had previously checked if I was on any police wanted lists, and she had told me that as far as she could check I was safe to travel freely. My nervousness was making me not so sure any more.

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May 21, 2018

Giacometti or Driessen at Louvre Abu Dhabi

A true Giacometti or a true Robert Driessen?

The new Louvre depence in Abu Dhabi recently opened. An incredible beautiful building with amazing lighting and layout on the inside.

Prominently displayed is this nearly 2 meter high statue. Now wondering if this is a true Giacometti or a true Robert Driessen ....

March 28, 2018

Bob Pritchard Voice of America - Radio Interview

Robert was interviewed for nearly an hour by Bob Pritchard on his Voice of America Life show.

November 14, 2017

Book: Liebe Frau L.

Book Liebe Frau L. published in hard copy

The Dutch version of Robert his book Liebe Frau L. has now also been published in hard copy and can be purchases in the book stores in the Netherlands.

The book can also be ordered online:

In his book Liebe Frau L. Robert writes about his arrest for art forgery, his time behind bars as well as what has lead to his arrest.

November 11, 2017

E-Book is published

Robert Driessen wrote a book to tell his own story about his Forgeries, being arrested, court case in Germany and time in jail in Germany.

The title of the book is Liebe Frau L. The E-book has now been published and can be purchased at

October 11, 2017

RTL 4 Documentary - Netherlands - Op de Vlucht

RTL 4 TV from the Netherlands is broadcasting a documentary about Robert Driessen and how they managed to find him in Thailand. Exclusive interview with Robert.!/op-de-vlucht-301928/ecc51242-0f86-39f2-a621-1768d2cc2184

May 30, 2014

Discovery Magazine - Crimes agains Creativity

Discovery Magazine published a story on 'The Art world is Rotten' with information about how e.g. Robert Driessen managed to fool the Auction Houses and established Art World.

You can find the English article here:

April 22, 2014

ZDF - TV - February 28, 2014

ZDF - German TV - will have a documentary about the Giacometti forgeries by Robert Driessen on February 14th.

February 28, 2014

Der Spiegel - Inside story of Art Forger Robert Driessen

Der Spiegel, a reknowned newspaper from Germany, is publishing the inside story of Art Forger Robert Driessen: Art Forger Robert Driessen Reveals How He Made Giacometti Fakes

Have a look at:

April 10, 2013